Lake City Cycling is a non-profit Burnaby based cycling Club focusing on riders of all skill levels. Our goal is to get cyclists engaged and provide them support and training to help them accomplish their personal and cycling goals.

Our club will hold scheduled rides twice a week, for 6 months of the year with planned coached rides occurring throughout the season. Through these rides we hope to educate riders on road safety, cycling rules, nutrition and increasing their performance. The club setting will also provide our members with safety in numbers for riding on the road.

We also have a number of generous sponsors that have donated money, merchandise and offered discounts to encourage our cyclist to achieve their best results.

Our club is completely inclusive and our current demographic is 20-70+ yrs old. These riders are willing to engage in community activities and riding for fun and fitness.

President: Joanie Caron

Secretary/Treasurer: Adrienne Dall’Antonia

Marketing Coordinator: Jordan Binotto

Web Design & Accounts: Kimin Brar

Social Media: Joe Dall’Antonia

Ride Coordinator: Audrey Berg


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